Lets Create With Paper
All you need are the following household appliances and supplies:

fine mesh wire screen (size: slightly bigger than a piece of A4 paper)
2 pieces of blotting paper
basin or tray
laundry starch
electric mixer
rolling pin
electric iron

Step 1:
Tear eight pages of the newspaper into small pieces and place in tray or basin with water. Soak for two hours, crunching the paper with your fingers. In a separate bowl, mix one tablespoon of instant starch with two cups of water. Add the starch and water mixture to the tray or basin containing the dissolved paper. Mix thoroughly with the electric mixer and add 10-15 litres of water, to create a pulp mixture. You can also add petals, leaves or pieces of coloured paper to decorate your paper.

Step 2:
Dip the wire screen into the tray with the pulp mixture. Remove slowly and allow the water to drain through the bottom of the screen. If you like, you could even build your own paper mould with a wooden frame to hold the wire screen.

Step 3:
Dry the screen and wet sheet of pulp between two pieces of blotting paper. The pulp sheet will stick to the blotting paper, allowing you to remove the wire from the sheet. Press or squeeze out excess water with the rolling pin.

Step 4:
Set your iron on a low setting. With the sheet still between the blotting papers, dry the paper carefully with the iron. Trim the edges of the sheet. Congratulations! You now have a sheet of your very own handmade paper.

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